Keeping you Safe

Falls Creek recommends the use of helmets and enforces a mandatory policy for certain Snowsports programs.

Many people participating in recreational snowsports activities such as alpine skiing and snowboarding are choosing to wear a helmet. While this is a matter of personal or parental choice, the Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA) do support recreational snowsports enthusiasts wearing a helmet.

Falls Creek recommends the wearing of helmets for skiing & snowboarding. Guests are required to wear helmets while undertaking certain Snowsports activities and programs:

The ASAA recognises that a helmet may make a difference in reducing or preventing injury. Be aware however that helmets are most effective at providing protection at speeds of 20kph or slower.

If a person was to collide with a tree, any other object or another skier at moderate or high speed, a helmet may not prevent or reduce serious injury. Each snowsport enthusiast's behaviour has as much to do with their safety as does any piece of safety equipment.

Falls Creek Sports are making it easier for parents. Any equipment rentals for children now automatically include free kids’ helmet rental. Your safety is our priority.