It’s the journey not the destination that can make or break your holiday experience, so when driving up to Falls Creek this winter make sure to cover off the basics courtesy of (Insert sponsor’s name):

  • A good habit is to fill your car up before leaving Mt Beauty as there is no fuel available in Falls Creek
  • Ensure that you add antifreeze to your vehicle’s radiator
  • Check that your vehicle’s battery is in good condition
  • Diesel vehicles should be filled with “Alpine Mix” fuel, and is available in Mt Beauty
  • LP Gas vehicles perform best on petrol in alpine areas
  • Be sure to carry snow chains (it is a legal requirement)
  • Consider using a ground sheet and gloves when fitting chains
  • Avoid sudden braking or acceleration on snow or ice
  • A Windscreen Scraper will go a long way to help clear ice from car windows
  • Bring a shovel to dig your car out of the snow when leaving (you never know when the next blizzard will hit)

Carrying Snow Chains

Carrying snow chains will not only keep you safe on the roads, but is a legal requirement in Victoria. Before heading up the mountain make sure you hire out your Snow Chains at Ray's Ski Shop in Myrtleford

Hiring a vehicle

Hiring a car for the snow can be a daunting process, if you are unsure on where to go head on to Europcar and book your hire car.

Park & Ride a Luxury Coach

Drive to Mt Beauty at the base of Falls Creek, and park your car securely at Falls Creek Coach terminal. From here Falls Creek is a 45 minute trip away in a luxury coach. Book your Falls Creek Coach online.  Advanced bookings are essential.