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Freestyle Events

Our action-packed Freestyle Events Series for 2020 is taking shape, check out the events we have locked in so far...

Junior Agility Race

A valuable opportunity to gain early-season racing experience to help you prepare for your school, race or individual events later in the season!


Saturday 4 July, 2020. 

Rail Throwdown

This epic spectator competition offers features for everyone with an intermediate to advanced riding skill level. Welcoming both skiers and snowboarders, there are huge amounts of gear and prize money to be won in this rider-judged event.


Saturday 11 July, 2020.

Rider X

A classic Boarder/Skier-X course set to suit both disciplines starting at by Ruined Castle and finishing by Dicky Knees. Dip and dive as fast as you can down a course of turns, berms and jumps. A whole lot of fun!


Saturday 19 July, 2020.

Junior Mountain Freeride

Open to both skiers and snowboarders, this junior-focused event challenges competitors of all ability levels to display their skills and their daring on a combination of Fall Creek's natural terrain and man-made features.


Saturday 22 August, 2020.


Open to both skiers and riders, the Slopestyle is judged on overall run impression which takes into account, amplitude, difficulty, variety of tricks and execution. With a medium and large line, everyone can get involved for the chance to win some rad gear and cash prizes!


Sunday 20 September, 2020.