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Australian Secondary Schools Snowsports Team Championships

Tuesday 4 August - Friday 7 August, 2020

The annual tournament pits teams of secondary school students against each other in the disciplines of Giant Slalom, Skier-X, Snowboard-X and Cross Country, both Classic technique and the Freestyle Relay events. This is a fantastic contest to develop alpine racing skills whilst building camaraderie among team-based competitions.

The ASSSTC is a four day carnival that welcomes Professional Race Training with Falls Creek Ski School Trainers on the Tuesday, Skier Cross and Boarder Cross events on Wednesday, Giant Slalom Events for Skiers and Snowboarders on the Thursday and Cross Country events held on the Friday. The carnival concludes on the Friday, with a luncheon and presentations. During the non-competition times the teams will have the opportunity to ski the resort (supervised). As this is a team event, all members have the opportunity to participate in all four days even if they are not competing.

The competition gives participants the opportunity to perform in a team environment where skills in the various disciplines of alpine, cross country and snowboard are required. The ASSSTC is unique as far as ski competitions go, as there are no individual winners, instead each participant contributes points to the team result. It is a carnival that promotes team spirit and mateship and is a lot of fun even for the teachers that attend.

Schools can enter into as much or as little into the competition as they would like to – not all events are compulsory. It’s about getting different schools involved in the fun of the ASSSTC tournament!


Details for 2020 event bookings will be released closer to the season.

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L. Hunter Lovins, President and Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions