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Masters Championship

26 - 28 July

Announcing in 2019 the Falls Creek Alpine Masters Championships; on the weekend of the 26th- 28th July. The alpine Masters Championships includes the Wombat Rambler Super G Night race, a GS training course on the Saturday and finishing with the final event of a GS race down the slot of the summit.

Complete the whole championship event over the weekend or select individual events to complete in. 

The Wombat’s Rambler is a team event of four (including at least one member of opposite gender). If you can’t get a team together enter solo and the race and events department will allocate you a team. We will have a separate set of results just for you Masters!

On the Saturday hone in your skills for the main event on Sunday! We will have a training course set up on Father Fosters from 12pm-3pm.

Sunday morning return to the traditional race line of Falls Creek and test your skills down the slot of the summit.

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Congratulations to Vail Resorts for making such a bold environmental commitment. When companies do right by the planet, they do right by us all. I particularly appreciate their creation of even more demand for renewable energy. Here’s hoping many companies are inspired by Vail Resorts and create their own ambitious commitments. It’s what the world needs now. It also happens to make great business sense.

L. Hunter Lovins, President and Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions