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Australian Police Winter Games

30 July - 2 August

The Australian Police Winter Games has been an annual event since 1983, involving social events, skiing and snowboarding races. It is the longest continual Police Winter Sports Competition in the world today which is all about bringing people together to have fun!

The games cater to all levels of skiers, and is a very social affair with participants accommodated in the one venue. Everyone breakfasts and dines together, making new friends an absolute given. So even if you come on your own, you won’t be alone.

The games are open to all Australian police (past and present), their invited partners, families and friends. Invitations are also extended to visitors from overseas police forces to come and join us in friendly competition.

Medals are awarded to those who are lucky enough to find themselves on the podium, but whether you ski off-piste, or just in your dreams, there will be plenty of other points awarded to individuals and their respective team. Historically, many first time skiers and boarders win medals and invaluable points for their team!

All levels of skier and boarder are catered to. The more experienced “Racer’s” compete against each other, the clock and their fellow age division, on the A grade course. While novices to the alpine sports, compete on the more forgiving B grade course. The race school always ensures that safety is paramount in their course configurations. It is mandatory now for all prospective competitors to participate in the “Seeding” race, which permits the race committee to accurately grade the competitor’s alpine ability.

Come along, bring your partner, bring your family and enjoy a fabulous week of fun, skiing and snowboarding and entertainment!

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