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Winter Sports Programs

If you're looking for a season-long program that will take your skiing or boarding to the next level, consider joining one of our Winter Sports Club Programs.

The  Falls Creek Race Club's aim is to promote snowsport through children, youth and on to adulthood through developing all of the skills of skiing and snowboarding through a positive, fulfilling environment. This in turn helps to promote and improve the safety and enjoyment of the sport for all age groups.

As an athlete’s skills improve so they can begin to train and compete at Children’s level events and move on to Junior and Senior levels, possibly aspiring to the Masters Circuit or State and National Teams.

To get your child into the Falls Creek Race Club : Click Here 

There are many different season long programs on offer at Falls Creek. 

From the GROM Squad, to the FREERIDE Squad and the Local Snowsports School programs. 

If you're looking to enrol your kids into these programs please click here.