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Junior Workshop (7-14 Years)

Snowsports lessons are now available for the 2024 snow season!

Buy Junior Workshop lessons early and save up to 30% when you book online at least 7 days in advance. Lessons have limited availability, book now so you don’t miss out!

This year we are also offering a special deal on all Full Day Kids Lessons – pay for 4 days and get the 5th day free (excluding 29 June – 21 July)! Find out more here.

Develop your child’s confidence on the snow while improving their abilities with our Junior Workshop lessons. Whether it’s their first time on the snow or they’re ready to take their skiing and snowboarding skills to the next level, our Junior Workshops will provide the perfect environment for them to learn while having fun.


Epic Australia Pass holders receive 20% off Junior Workshop Lessons when purchased online and in advance.

Full Day Kids Lesson Programs

This is a great way for kids to learn, meet new friends and explore the mountain.

Our Junior Workshop programs help to cultivate your child's passion for the mountains while developing their skills and love for skiing or snowboarding. Treat your child to a series of progressive lessons with our certified instructors who will maximise their day and help them sharpen their skills and explore the mountain with confidence.

Lunch is included at one of Fall Creek’s facilities. Information on special dietary requirements will need to be provided at the time of booking to discuss if we can accommodate these needs.

Our Junior Workshop programs offer:

  • A safe and supportive environment with our friendliest instructors
  • A progressive learning experience with children arranged into groups based on ability and age*
  • Indoor staff to assist with any of your child's needs
  • Skip lift lines with our priority loading
  • Your child will explore the mountain in ways they've never seen before!

*Groups are always based on ability, however groups based on age and ability will only be available during peak season (July-August).

Lesson Times:

Full Day Lesson

  • Drop off at 9:30am
  • Lesson commences at 10am
  • Lesson concludes at 3pm with pick up available from 2:50pm
  • Lesson includes lunch

Our Junior Workshop programs commence on June 22, running through until October 4.


Meeting Area:

Junior Workshop is located next to Cloud 9 restaurant, at the top of Halley’s Comet Chairlift. Access Halley's Comet chairlift from Slalom Plaza. If you can ski or snowboard down advanced green runs, you can also access Junior Workshop by skiing or riding from Eagle Express to Cloud 9.

If you and/or your child have never skied before, we highly recommend that you utilise Halley’s Comet Chair and carry your skis on the lift to allow for easier and safer loading and unloading. Our friendly Lift Operators are on hand to ensure safe loading of you and your child.

When accompanying children on the lift, a valid lift pass is required. For non-skiing parents/guardians, you will be required to purchase a $6 Mountain Access Card to get on the lift.

Here is a list of essentials to pack for your child’s Junior Workshop lesson:

  • A valid Mountain Access Card, with lift access and Junior Workshop loaded onto it - lift tickets can only be purchased online. These must be on your child at all times.
  • Skis or Snowboard
  • Ski or Snowboard Boots – these should be on your child’s feet when they arrive at Junior Workshop
  • Ski Poles (not required if you are a first timer or beginner)
  • Helmet (compulsory for all children & teens in Falls Creek Snowsports Programs)
  • Goggles and/or sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes from glare
  • Waterproof snow pants and jacket
  • Warm layers under outerwear
  • Ski socks (not cotton)
  • Waterproof mittens or gloves
  • Neck warmer/tube or Balaclava
  • Sunscreen SPF 15 or higher
  • Any special snacks (please note these must be nut-free)
  • Any required medication (please note that staff are not allowed to administer any medication unless in life-threatening situations, such as asthma attack or EpiPens. If a child requires assistance with medication, parents or guardians must return to assist)

Falls Creek's Helmet Policy requires that all participants in Children's Snowsports Programs, plus any programs that access our terrain parks, race courses or similar activities wear an approved snowsports helmet. Click here to view Falls Creek’s Helmet Policy.


Koala never skied before or it’s been many years since learning to ski and need a little refresher on how to stop using a snowplough. In their first lesson, guests will be learning how to move around on the snow, snow plough stop and introduction to turning. This level does not ski with poles.

Possum second day of lessons. In this second lesson, guests will get more confident stopping and creating small turns on easy green terrain. Guests can ski on the magic carpet and will start progressing to longer green runs. This level does not ski with poles.

Wombat guests are confident making strong snowplough turns on green terrain. Guests can confidently make S shape snowplough turns and are developing turn shape and technique to be able to ski blue terrain. Guests are working towards basic christie, matching skis parallel at the end of their turns. This level does not start with poles, instructor will advice at the end of the day if will be required.

Echidna guests can make confident basic christie turns on blue terrain. Guests can confidently ski blue terrain in a small snowplough and actively matching the skis parallel across the hill. Through this level, guests are learning how to parallel ski. This level uses poles and will require them for lessons.

Lyrebird guest can confidently ski parallel on all blue terrain all the time. Guests will be progressing their parallel technique and moving towards skiing steeper terrain. This level uses poles and will require them for lessons.

Kangaroo guests are skiing parallel on easy black runs and learning advanced skiing techniques to aid with speed and steeper terrain. Guests moving through this level are skiing faster speeds parallel and exploring the entire mountain. This level uses poles and will require them for lessons.



Koala never snowboarded before. In their first lesson, guests will be learning snowboard basics and one-footed sliding skills.

Possum second day of lessons. In the second lesson, guests will get more confident moving around on their snowboards. Guests will begin learning side slips, falling leaf and heel and toe side slipping with two feet strapped in.

Wombat guests joining this level can traverse and falling leaf on both sides and are learning to turn. They are learning basic turns.

Echidna guests are linking turns down green runs, refining turn technique and confidence to progress to steeper blue terrain.

Lyrebird guests are more confident linking turns down blue runs, refining turn shape and size to progress to steeper black terrain. They are learning to vary their turns and may begin exploring flat land freestyle and terrain park skills.

Kangaroo guests are linking turns down black runs, refining turn techniques to ride faster down steeper terrain. Guests moving through this level are riding faster and exploring the entire mountain.


Find Your Level - Skiing Abilities

Watch our videos to help identify which level of skiing you are. 

Junior Workshop lessons have limited availability – book now so you don’t miss out!


Lift access is not included in your lesson purchase and all lesson participants require a valid lift ticket regardless of their ability level.

For further enquiries, contact our team.

Falls Creek Snowsports has an unbeatable offer for lessons this season, giving you the benefits of consecutive 5 lessons, for the price of 4!

This offer is available on Full Day Junior Workshop Lessons this winter, excluding 29 June – 21 July.

Consecutive lessons are the key to your child progressing their skills in a safe and supportive environment! Whether it's their first time on the slopes, or they want to progress existing skills, multi-day lessons will enable them to gain confidence in learning new things, while making new friends!

Learn more about our new offer here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I drop off my kids?

Junior Workshop is located at Cloud 9 at the top of Halley’s Comet Chair. Please plan to arrive early for your lesson with all your rental equipment ready. Check in for Junior Workshop is 9.30am so make sure to leave enough time to catch the lift.

Does my child need to have their skis or snowboard on?

If it your child’s first time skiing or snowboarding, we recommend you carry their skis/board on the chairlift. If your child is more confident riding lifts in their gear,  they can wear their skis/board on the chairlift.  

When you arrive at Junior Workshop, you will be required to remove your skis/snowboards as these are ski and board free zones during check in.

I’m not skiing, how do I drop my child off?

If you are not skiing, we have a ‘Parent Access Pass’ available for purchase to escort your child to and from ski school. The Parent Access Pass allows foot access for 1x parent per paying child and allows 2x return trips daily on Halley’s Comet Chairlift at drop off and collection time from ski school. 

This pass is $6 and can be loaded for as many days as children’s lessons are booked. Due to the safety risks with skiers and over snow vehicles, you are only permitted to drop off children at Ski School and enter Cloud 9 restaurant and are not allowed to walk on any ski run.  

The Parent pass is available for purchase at Falls Creek Sports, Slalom Plaza and Falls Creek Sports, Village Bowl.  

Please note: To be able to ride as a foot passenger each person must have the ability to move to the load point, ride and unload with minimal assistance. Infants are not permitted in baby carriers and must be able to walk with minimal assistance to purchase a pass.  

Should I pack snacks?

Lunch is included for Full Day Junior Workshop lesson programs. Please let our instructors know of any allergies before the lesson. Drinks are provided daily as required and on cold days hot chocolate is provided. We suggest providing a snack for your child as the groups may not return for a snack break if it is not required.

Can I stay and watch the lesson?

We appreciate it can be very nerve wracking to leave your child in a new environment and also exciting to watch them ski or snowboard for their first time. To assist our team of professionals building a trusting rapport we ask that all friends and family members please leave the area promptly after check-in.  


Having parents watching or check in throughout the lessons can be very disruptive to the lesson flow and can also upset your child. If you would like to watch your child learn to ski we kindly ask that you remain unseen and utilise the windows from inside Cloud 9 café. 

My child has special needs; can they join into the group lesson?

Whilst we appreciate that parents may wish to have their child in group lessons for a number of reasons, many special needs children will often have a far better experience with one-on-one instruction with our team members who have undertaken certifications to best cater to these students. Please visit our Adaptive Winter Sports page for information of how we can best assist you.   


My child has a food allergy; do I need to pack their own lunch?

No. We will provide lunch for all the children and can cater to any allergy. Please note that our lunches are prepped in a commercial kitchen and traces of allergens may be present.  

My child has special dietary requirements/allergies. How do I ensure the lunch caters to their needs?

We can cater to all allergies and dietary requirements. To ensure your child is appropriately catered for please make sure to fill in all relevant information into the dietary/allergy sections upon registering for the program. Instructors will also ask each child in their group for allergies prior to leaving the meeting area as an extra check for catering purposes on the day. 

Is there a half day option for Junior Workshop?

No – we only offer a full day lesson for kids aged 7-14. Should you wish to pick your child up
prior to the finish time, please speak to a supervisor when you check in your child.