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Lift Tickets

This season, peak season dates may sell out. We recommend booking your lift tickets and lessons online well in advance of your visit to secure the best prices and avoid disappointment.



Snow Pass Card

A Falls Creek Snow Pass Card is required when purchasing a lift ticket and lesson products. A Snow Pass Card costs $5, however, these cards can be reloaded (not only this season, but also in future seasons). The Snow Pass Card fee is applicable for guests who do not already have a re-loadable Falls Creek Snow Pass Card.

If your Snow Pass Card is lost or stolen, a replacement Card will be required to be purchased for $5. 

How Does It Work?

At Falls Creek, we use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology to notify the gates at each lift to open when you approach. You will not need to show your Snow Pass Card at the gate as it scans automatically. Put your Snow Pass Card in your lefthand jacket pocket, or in a pocket on the left side of your body, and you'll be ready to hit the slopes.

Handy Tip: Don't place your Snow Pass Card near your phone as this can interrupt the Snow Pass Card from scanning and the gate may not open.


What lift, lesson and rental products will be available for the 2021 snow season?

Lift tickets, lessons, and rentals are now on sale for the entire season!

For the best value, we recommend you purchase an Epic Australia Pass. The 2021 Epic Australia Pass access starts with the 2021 Australian snow season and concludes with the 2021/22 snow season in the Northern Hemisphere.