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Freeride Events

Board Lounge Showdown Rail Jam | Friday 12 July

Falls Creek’s very own rail jam under lights – The Board Lounge Throwdown!

The BLT will be hosted down in Slalom Plaza on Friday 12th July, built by our insanely talented (and handsome) park crew and park grooming team! This epic spectator competition offers features for everyone with an intermediate to advanced riding skill level. Huge amounts of gear and $ to be won in this rider judged event. Don’t miss the after party in Stingray!!

This event welcomes both skiers and snowboarders!!

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Rider X | Saturday 27 July

Another new event for Falls Creek this year; the Rider X!

This will be a classic boarder/skier cross course set to suit both disciplines over by ruined castle finishing at Dicky Knees. Dip and dive as fast as you can down a course full of turns, berms and jumps.
One racer at a time, best of two runs points allocated to finishing places to contribute to overall freeride series winner.

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Rails Under Lights | Friday 9 August

This brand new rail jam will allow riders to show off their skills and win an array of prizes! Located in the Village bowl, you won’t want to miss this event! This event welcomes both skiers and boarders.

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Slopestyle | 24 August

Falls Creek's home-grown slopestyle Event!

This event is a slopestyle format, utilizing the array of world-class terrain park features we have at here Falls Creek.
Held on lookers left of the Ruined Castle terrain park this event will cater for everyone! With a medium and large line, everyone can get involved for the chance to win some rad gear and cash prizes!

Open to both skiers and riders, slopestyle is judged on overall run impression which takes into account, amplitude, difficulty, variety of tricks and execution.

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The BIG Air | Saturday 10 August

What a perfect chance to show off your air skills, go high, go big or go home…

 The BIG Air is a new event for Falls Creek this season and will be taking place in the Ruined Castle Terrain Park.

This event will be open to both Skiers and riders with both a U/16 and open categories.

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Bandwagon Banked Slalom | Saturday 14 September

This event is the ultimate Banked Slalom for those snowboarders who love a bumpy ride!

One of the last events for the Falls Freestyle series in 2019, the BBS is a competition not for the faint hearted... There will be berms, jumps, bumps and spills galore when the community and visitors alike come together to wind their way through Falls Creek's brand new course.

This year the banked slalom will only be open to snowboarders. 

Make sure you get involved in the Western Theme of the day - there will be prizes for best dressed!

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Summit Masters | Saturday 7 September

Tradition and true roots return to The Summit as the final event of the 2019 Freestyle series for skiers. 

This year we will have a solid day of competitive bumps skiing on the Saturday, with a Lyne Gross expression session recovery day on Sunday.

The event is a side by side knock out in a crafted hot dog style blended mogul course. 

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The Dreamer

The Park event for the people, it’s all about riding and having fun with your friends!

The dreamer will run like it did last season, where participants move through the park riding one feature at a time, calling their tricks while the hosts commentate and give away prizes for successful attempts and cash for progressing themselves to the next level.

This event isn’t all about the best ticks to impress the judges; it’s about having fun and progressing throughout the day.

 If you can slide a box and can hit the left small jumps in the drovers train park, this event is for you. We will be starting the day on smaller features in the Drovers terrain park, and working our way to the medium features.

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