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BMW Driving Tips

Leaving Home

As you prepare for your snow holiday to Falls Creek it is important that you’ve packed the essentials. As you pack your car in preparation for your holiday it is important to think about what the conditions might be like when you arrive in resort. Place your outerwear jacket at the top of your luggage and make sure your snow boots are in an easy to reach spot, or pop them on in Mt Beauty for the drive up the hill. Make sure your beanie and gloves are also easily accessible as it will be very cold when you arrive.






Service Station

Before you begin the drive up the hill to Falls Creek, it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for the drive. If you have a diesel vehicle you will need to stop in Mt Beauty and top up with Alpine Diesel. You will need to ensure you have enough space in your tank as you will need around 50% of the mix to be Alpine Diesel to ensure your car will start in the cold temperatures at Falls Creek. Alternatively you can add an Anti-Freeze / Coolant to your cars diesel mix. Petrol cars do not need any additives placed in the tank.

If you do not have snow chains with you, Mt Beauty is the last place to rent or purchase them for your vehicle. Snow chains are legally required to be carried by all vehicles, 2WD and 4WD. Police regularly check vehicles are carrying chains and you can be issued with a fine if you are not carrying them.






Snow chains must be carried by all vehicles but will only need to be fitted if conditions require them.

If you are required to put chains on this will be clearly indicated on road signs.

Pack a tarpaulin and an old pair of gloves in your car to use when fitting snow chains. This will stop your pants from getting wet if you are kneeling on the ground to fit your chains, old gloves will keep your fingers warm while you fit the chains. Chains for every vehicle will be different depending on the size of the rim and wheel. Be sure to ask for a demonstration when you hire or purchase your chains as they are all fitted slightly differently.






When you arrive at Falls Creek you will need to make your way to the Accommodation Transfer Services (ATS) terminal located on Bogong High Plains Rd. Here you can unload your car and head into the terminal to prepare for your oversnow journey to your accommodation.

Before your oversnow journey, a member of your group will need to park your car in the overnight car park. Once they have parked the car they will be transported back to the ATS terminal by a member of the ATS team.

Once the car is parked and you are on the oversnow it is time to officially begin your Falls Creek snow holiday!