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Clean-up event at Falls Creek!

Posted: Monday 14th August 2023

Staff at Falls Creek Ski Lifts recently joined a clean-up event in Falls Creek, to keep the beautiful village looking great.

Over 35 staff attended the event and collected a huge amount of rubbish that was sorted into recycling and general waste. The litter was collected from the carparking areas, the base of Halley’s Comet chairlift and right throughout the village, as staff formed small groups and walked through all areas. 

Bradley Thornton, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Falls Creek Ski Lifts, said. “It was extremely rewarding to step back after cleaning up an area and see the difference we made in such a short period of time in this important initiative.”

Brad added; “Taking the time on small initiatives like this is an important step towards our EpicPromise goal of achieving zero net emissions, zero waste to landfill and zero net operating impact to forests and habitat by 2030.

“Thank you to all the staff that attended this event, we are looking forward to doing this again soon and will schedule these events on a regular basis.” 

“It was such a nice community event and gave us all a real sense of purpose,” said Betony Pitcher, Marketing Manager at Falls Creek Ski Lifts. “It was terrific to see my colleagues taking time out of their evening, to help our beloved Falls Creek Village look as beautiful as possible.”