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Falls Creek Invests $1.88 Million in NEW Snowmaking Upgrades!


We've Kicked Off Snowmaking with NEW $1.88 Million Upgrades!

15 May 2021

The temperatures have dropped to minus 3.3 and our mountain team have started making snow. We are snow excited we may even catch snowflakes under the snow guns with our tongue…maybe.

To celebrate, we thought we’d share some news, well, we were going to tell you last winter, but COVID kind of ruined the party. Over the past 2 years we have invested a whopping $1.88 million in snowmaking and snow grooming machines - it’s the largest snowmaking investment in 10 years at Falls Creek!

The new kids on the block:

You’ll find shiny new snow guns along Wombats Ramble, Main Street and at the base of Drovers. Our mountain team will sigh if we don’t use the official terms, so, get ready to see these automated TechnoAlpin Snow Guns firing out tons of snow.

In addition to this, we have a PistenBully 400 Winch and a PistenBully 400 Park grooming machine joining the team. They’re not really bullies, they’re actually pretty cool Kats. For Falls Creek guests, this means even more flawless groomed runs to enjoy than ever before throughout the season.

This huge investment helps us get snow on the ground quicker across our perfect family friendly terrain, ensuring the best possible snow conditions all season long! So, it’s kind of a big deal! Get up here and enjoy your snow holiday in Falls Creek this winter.

Our season opening is Saturday 12 June, and we cannot wait to get back to skiing and boarding. Hearing the whirling sound of the snow guns and watching white hit the ground sure has the village buzzing.  Falls Creek Slope Operations Manager Danny Lucas said; “It’s really great to see the improvement this investment has made on the snowmaking system here in Falls Creek. With only 4 weeks to go before opening day, we will be making snow at every opportunity.”