Famous for reliable snow

Falls Creek’s high alpine location brings with it significant natural snowfalls with snow hugging, and largely south-facing, slopes helping to retain that beautiful powder for longer.

To compliment the fresh natural snow, Falls Creek’s snow makers work tirelessly to produce quality man-made snow at every opportunity. By investing in advanced snowmaking systems, the team is able to work their magic at the flick of a switch. 

Falls Creek is all about environmental sustainability and the teams ensure that the native flora and fauna are unharmed. Water for snowmaking is drawn in a virtuous, closed loop cycle from the largest alpine lake in Australia ensuring almost endless snowmaking capabilities.

Reliable skiing and boarding trails all season long is at the heart of the guest experience. The teams will concentrate their snowmaking, slope maintenance and grooming efforts in the most popular ski areas and along home trails that link to and from all on-mountain accommodation and countless food and beverage facilities. 

The committed snow groomers will head out each and every night, pushing and flattening snow to build the perfect surface for skiers and snowboarders across the entire mountain. They will also move the snow to the most popular areas to ensure an even cover over every run.

Falls Creek’s renowned 'progression perfect' terrain allows guests to easily graduate from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced trails and with 450 hectares of rideable resort area Falls Creek gives you the time and space to progress at your own pace.