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Snow fun the whole family will enjoy

The fresh snow has made a grand return, leaving our mountain covered in a fresh layer of white! It doesn’t end there – we have even more snow in the forecast throughout the week to come, and we couldn’t be more excited!  

What better way to enjoy the new snow than with some laps! With so much terrain open, there’s never been a better time to get the skis and boards out. What makes it even more fun? Tracking your mountain stats!  

Be sure to have GPS tracking switched on in your Falls Creek app, so as you lap away, you’ll be leaving a track of every single run you do. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition amongst friends and family, as you battle it out for top spot on the leaderboard.  

We’ve put together a list of a few different types of riders we know. It's time to crown each member of your family! Which one are you? 

The Green King or Queen: You’ll find this rider lapping Wombat’s and Drover’s all day long! What’s not to love about a magnificent lake view on Drover’s or some sneaky tree runs on Wombat’s?! It’s very likely you’ll catch this one out for Night Skiing and Boarding – the Womby’s love is real.   

Miss or Mr In It to Win It: This skier or boarder means serious business! Competition is no game, so you can bet they’re riding all day long, racking up those vertical metres to get closer to the top of the leaderboard. Some strong competitive vibes indeed! 

The Après Master: So, there’s more to Falls Creek than just riding? The Après Master knows all about this! The leaderboard is the least of their worries when there’s 27 dining options on the mountain to stop in at after a few runs. You’ll be more likely to catch this one wining and dining than out exploring the hill all day long.  

The Need for Speeder: Whip out the radar guns, this speed demon’s on fire! Speed and control is number one for The Need for Speeder. Find them waiting for you to catch up at the bottom of the run.  

Call Me Legs of Steel: There’s just no stopping this absolute frother! Stamina is certainly not an issue for this one. Catch them lining up for first chairs, riding all day long, then making a dash for the last chair. If there’s a run to squeeze in throughout a long day, they’ll do it – they never stop skiing or boarding!  

The Mountain Explorer: This one doesn’t leave a run unturned! You’ll find them all over the mountain. From Wombat’s to Towers to Ruined Castle to Summit, they’ll lap them all in a day.