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The ultimate guide to dining at Falls Creek!

Posted: Wednesday 9th August 2023

Did you know that Falls Creek is the foodie mountain of Australia? With over 27 delicious places to feast, dine and treat your tastebuds, it’s hard to resist trying to tick them all off when you visit.

Rather than having to do the hard work yourself, we’ve put together the ultimate dining guide to Falls Creek. With so many cuisines, flavours, and offerings, there truly is something for every craving.

Calling breakfast lovers

Is breakfast or brunch your favourite meal of the day? We totally get it, who doesn’t love perfectly poached eggs, sourdough toast and bacon! If you’re looking for the ultimate morning treat, we have a few spots around the village to stop by. For a cosy brekkie moment with all the Melbourne menu favourites, Ory’s is a must. 1550 at Slalom Plaza is the best place for a central breakfast before hitting the slopes, or really treat yourself with a mimosa and breakfast toastie at Bob Sugar.

Mid-morning snack anyone?

You’ve hit a few laps and now it’s time for the second coffee of the day and something delicious to treat on. If you’re on the mountain, take a pit stop at Cloud 9, Dicky Knees or Blue Brumby for a break with a view. In the mood for a freshly baked donut or crepe? Head down Wombat’s Ramble and stop in at Snonuts. Running summit laps? The Frying Pan Inn is a no brainer for coffee and cake, or even early lunch! Alpine Pepper is a great place to stop on your way into resort as you head up Gully Chair.

Tick, tock, it’s lunch o’clock!

Having too much fun on the slopes and haven’t had a break since breakfast? Load up on a big lunch at Powderkeg down in Slalom Plaza (and add a cheeky bev in there too!). If you’re lapping around Eagle Express, stopping in at Falls Creek Hotel is a must. Feeling like a beer and a pizza to refuel? Make your way to The Last Hoot at the base of Wombat’s Ramble. Or, if you’re craving something fully loaded, pull up to the Spud Shack!

It’s time to wind down, and dine in.

After a mammoth day on the slopes, the best recovery is treating yourself to a delicious dinner. With so many places to try, we’re breaking it down a little:

If Asian-fusion is calling your name, book yourself a spot at Huski Kitchen or Bob Sugar.

In the mood for a little Mexican? It has to be Cooroona Cantina!

Craving the comfort of burgers? Try the wicked cocktail and burger menu at Someplace Else.

For the lovers of grill, The Chophouse or The Frying Pan Inn are a must-visit.

If you can’t go past a pub-feed, Cock n’ Bull has your English pub vibes covered, while The Man is the place to eat and boogie.

After good-quality meals with a variety of cuisines made from local produce? Book a spot at Lakeside, Feathertop, or Attunga

Celebrating a special occasion or looking to fine dine? It has to be Astra or Summit Ridge, followed by a cocktail at Apartment 3.

Want a dining experience like no other? JB’s Swiss-Austrian style restaurant is one to remember.

If you didn’t realise Falls Creek was a foodie heaven before reading this, we bet you do now! When booking your accommodation, lift tickets, lessons and rentals, make sure to book a table at the venues that have tickled your fancy to avoid missing out.